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This page will be dedicated to the ongoing and finished projects I am working on, this will be motorcycles, and will also include car/truck projects as well.

This is what I started with . 1977 KZ400 I got for $300, It ran, I actually rode it home.

It was really nasty dirty. I love the dog collar battery strap.

This was about an hour later...more dirt

Another view of the crud...

This was about three hours later, I removed about 8 pounds of un-necessary frame peices..

Ahhh...fresh paint and the triple trees installed.

A little mock up after I finished the rims.

Another mock up, after some work on the tank, and after I finished lacing the front wheel.

Another view.

The tank.

Love this mock up view, this is when I started to get excited about the overall look and I got a good feel for the flavor of this project.

Primered tank.

The rear tail piece after I fabbed it up (fiberglass).

Seat foam is on.

Another view.

Finally a rolling chassis with the motor back in, lots of detailing still to be done.

Getting closer...

Another shot.

Wheelset with the rotor I drilled.

Well, here it is pretty much finished!!

Another shot

Another view

Left side view

Better Pics coming very soon....


1977 KZ 400 Café Racer

Build Sheet


·         All work done to the bike was done by the builder; no outside sources were used in any stage of the build.

·         The bike is registered as a 1977 Kawasaki KZ 400

·         Custom modified frame; stock frame was heavily modified to suit the build. All metal fabrication and welding done by the   builder.

·         Fuel tank is from a 1979 Suzuki GT 500; all the metalwork on the tank including the custom filler neck and knee inserts was done by the builder.

·         Bike was lowered approximately 2 inches using lowered front shocks and custom shortened rear shocks.

·         Both front and rear wheels were built (laced and trued) by the builder. The spokes are all custom made for the wheels.

·         Drilled front brake rotor.

·         Custom front light brackets conceal the ignition; custom headlight bucket houses the light switch and warning lights.

·         Custom “clubman” type handlebars (shortened), ignition switch and horn are located in the lever mounts for a very clean look. All wiring is located in the bars.

·         Bar end mirrors

·         2.5 inch speedo on a custom bracket.

·         One piece seat and rear tail section are custom made fiberglass, and the seat foam and leather cover were all fabricated by the builder.

·         Leather seat cover is custom stitched by hand, no machine was used.

·         Rear taillight is custom made from several different light parts.

·         Battery is hidden under the tail section.

·         Rear brake drum is custom drilled.

·         Sprocket cover is custom made from original.

·         Side mount license bracket and light holder is completely custom fabricated.

·         Exhaust pipes are custom made and wrapped.

·         Converted from dual carbs to single carb, custom intake manufactured by Billetproofcustoms.com is made from thick wall copper pipe.

·         All body work and painting done by builder.